Monday, March 26, 2012

Mud-Skiing in Briones; and, a Revelation

San Diego friends, savor this post. Because I'm going to put it in print:

I miss San Diego.

After two years of whining down there, suddenly I realize the Bay Area is not the answer to all life's problems. And the clouds, and the crap coming out of them up here, have been looking amazingly Seattle-like - even when there are breaks in the clouds, the thin bands of blue sky between them look somehow at once pale and deep blue and far away and cold. And it has been cold. And I've been sick. Yesterday I went to Briones, which is a great park that yesterday featured many coyotes and an owl and young brazen calves, but on most of those fantastic green hills running was just absolutely out of the question. I was feeling so irritated that when I spotted one coyote watching me un-shyly from just off the trail, I decided to take the opportunity to stop and pee at it. For his or her part, the coyote seemed unfazed by my display of bellicose micturition. (And yes, I did feel better after that, thank you very much.)

The Marin Hash Saturday, set by one Dr. K. up at College of Marin, was not as stupid-muddy because it was in forest instead of open scrub oak country. But it was cold and raining. Still no fun when you're sick.

Where's the sun? Where's the dry sage and cactus and 70 degrees! San Diego, take me back!

Of course I'll deny all this later, or just start pining away for the other side of the pasture once I'm down there, so you'll have to get to it through the wayback machine and remind me.

Pic from Okay, Briones is damn pretty, but that still didn't stop it from sucking really bad yesterday.

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