Wednesday, August 21, 2013

They Pulled This Out of Delaware Bay

From Boing Boing

Hey. That's no good.

I guess nothing should surprise me after finding out that there are bull sharks in creeks in Minnesota. (Edit: turns out that was a hoax.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beers Most Implicated In Emergency Room Visits

Done at Johns Hopkins. They should've adjusted the list by per capita consumption, although I bet it still wouldn't change much.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Downtown San Diego Planning Survey - More Stadiums?

That would be a big "no", because we I don't think anyone wants our traffic more screwed up than it already is and parking downtown to be even worse - not to mention those new stadiums helping themslves to our tax dollars. The survey is here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mt. Laguna Burn Report

A good article with lots of photos at the OB Rag. In terms of forest damage, fortunately, not that bad. Thanks to Frank Gormlie for going up there and sharing this with the community.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Angeles Crest 100 2013

No I didn't run it. I thought about going up to pace but ended up not being able to leave San Diego that day due to other commitments (medicine sucks.) But I was very happy to run across this nice vid done by Chihping Fu, who I had met in the trail/ultra community when I was still up in SF. Super nice guy and glad to see him here. Enjoy! I should also add it seems like the post-race tradition is now to go to Din Tai Fung in Arcadia. Great, now when I hit that place one the way back from Angeles N.F. I'll feel guilty for not having just finished a 100-miler. Yeah, thanks guys! :)

Beware, as of this writing (9 August 2013) there is a fire burning in the northeastern part of Angeles N.F. (Lone Pine Canyon) that has caused some evacuations in Wrightwood, and may be changing this guy's plans for the weekend.

San Diego Cyclists Being Shot at by Loser Kids

San Diego cyclists are being targeted by jerks with a pellet gun. (From People have been shot at with pellets - the kind that can penetrate skin - in La Jolla, up on Mount Soledad, around Torrey Pines, and on Fiesta Island. This has happened over multiple days. Police are investigating. The report says that they were three teenagers driving a black Grand Am.

If you see them, GET THE PLATE NUMBER (always obvious in retrospect) and even better, get a picture, then call 911.

In My Opinion, Fennel Must Be Destroyed

Ceterum censeo...okay so maybe I'm not the great Roman senator and orator Cato (I have an extra N in my name) but you get the idea. The biggest foothold I see the highly-invasive non-native fennel gaining in Rose Canyon is out there at the west end, on the side (uphill) side of the canyon. If you see broken stalks out there that would be my handiwork. Chopping at this stuff was a lot more fun than it should have been. My sword ran with the blood of the fennel! That is, the stick I used now smells licorishy. I've pulled this stuff out before so I have no illusion that one such treatment will kill it, but repeated thrashings usually do the job.

If you're comfortable with your ability to identify this plant and you see more growing in open spaces, please feel free to join me in fennel genocide. (Fennecide?) And if you like it in salads, take some home! (I can't stand the stuff; plus it contains phytoestrogens, yikes!)