Saturday, July 23, 2016

65th and Stockton Reviews #2 and #3 - Huong Lan and Giò Cha Duc Huong Sandwiches

This is the next installment in my series of reviewing Sac banh mi shops; previous review here, and I'll link to the next one when I pos it. As always, here are my Yelp reviews so you can see what kind of philistine you're dealing with and weight my opinions accordingly.

#2: Huong Lan Sandwiches

I've eaten at Huong Lan several times but haven't blogged it yet. I've gone back several times, because not only is it the best banh mi I've yet found in Sac, it has a huge selection not just of sandwiches but of lots of yummy stuff including boba and desserts. It's my favorite banh mi shop out of all I've tried in Sac. Go there.

Rating: Double thumbs up! Best banh mi in Sac so far!
Date: Several from March through June
Wait time: about 10 minutes, even when busy
What I get: sardines, BBQ pork, steamed pork
Price: about $4/sandwich
Ambience/group size: Equally good for eat in or take out, nice open space, good for groups
Parking: busy shared lot

#3: Giò Cha Duc Huong Sandwiches

Not impressed; my least favorite banh mi shop so far. The best thing is they have small banh mi for $2/piece, so if you can't make up your mind you can get a bunch of small ones (regular size $3.50 I think). The sandwiches were just alright but the chicken in the curry chicken soup was cold.

Rating: Thumbs down
Date: A Saturday in July
Wait time: 20 minutes (10 to get food, 10 to eat)
What we got: curry chicken soup, small BBQ pork, small steam pork
Price: $11
Ambience/group size: better for take out, about 6 tables for eat-in
Parking: busy shared lot