Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mission Trails: Still Awesome

I know you were worried that somehow, Mission Trails would become less awesome. I know that I personally worry about things becoming less awesome and have to go out to check them out. Fortunately I'm here to tell you it's fine. I volunteered today with two Meetup groups planting natives at Mission Trails. Turnout was great, I think close to 30 people. (Want to volunteer? Go here.)

After this, I went for an awesome run from the visitors center then up and over Mount Fortuna, including a little side trip to go up the climbers trail. The dopamine was flowing quite freely, I think because I got up and did something useful and met some cool people - I have to do this more. Plus now I know which plants are lemonberry. Picture below is from; it really should be greener than this right now considering it's February.

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