Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bears on Western States, Plus the River Trip That Wasn't

Ran the part of the Western States that runs between Foresthill and Michigan Bluff. Saw a bear on the trail even! (He took one look and seeing the likes of me he high-tailed it out of there. Less fear, more disgust I think.) This is added to a piece I did around Green Gate. Western States is mostly quite undeveloped in character until quite near the end in Auburn. Really, it's the quarry; you might also count the first 3 miles going up to the Escarpment at Squaw Valley adn then the stretch along the road in Foresthill, but that's really it.

Also, friends Rene and Greggypoo were kind enough this same weekend to invite me along for a raft trip along the American River. I knew I would be late and tried to join them and the same day, ran the bit of the American River trail from Sunrise to the footbridge at Pond Park, carrying my raft, hoping to find them. Although my river sandals literally fell apart along the way, it didn't work - one fleet of drunks on the river looks very much like the next, it turns out! At least we ended up getting some good Korean food that night. Still fun.

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