Sunday, January 19, 2014

Add Your Own Close Calls: The Rattlesnake Encounter Map

View Rattlesnake Encounters in San Diego County in a larger map

Clicking on that nasty-looking reptile you see to the right will take you to the map you see above, which is a public-access Google map for people to mark rattlesnake encounters in San Diego County. My purpose in putting this together was to get an idea if there were certain spots where people routinely encountered snakes outdoors. It's been up for a little over a year and a half and as of today there are 15 encounters on it; so far it hasn't been enough to show if there are any hotspots. But either way, I appreciate the contributors!

I'm going to leave it up (and linked on this blog) but probably won't plug it again. So, if you see one of these critters out there, or someone mentions to you that they have, you can tell them to do a Google search for "rattlesnake encounter map" and they'll find it. Hey, if it helps one less person get bitten by a snake, it's worthwhile.

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