Sunday, December 8, 2013

This Guy Is Running Every U.S. State And Is Cool

Check out He's run across 31 states so far. Wish I had the time...but really it's always a matter of priorities. The runner (Brian Stark) says he's met a lot of interesting folks along the way. The interesting paradox, and belated Thanksgiving thought, is that until recently in history, all of us walked or ran everywhere we went, but at the same time, we also couldn't have done something like this without very likely getting killed. If you lived in the developed world, you're lucky. Try undertaking this project even today in Africa or most of Latin America. Even Bashoo in 17th century Japan set out on his famous trek fully expecting not to survive.

Running the coast of San Diego County, or around the whole San Francisco Bay, or even part of the Pony Express route were fun too but this looks like a blast. Here he is running Nevada.

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