Monday, November 4, 2013

Morgan Territory and ANOTHER Bobcat

I don't know what it is with these bobcats but I'm starting to think these guys are following me around. Bobcat paranoia? I went out to Morgan Territory yesterday and twenty minutes in, came around a turn on the trail and startled this feline friend, who promptly ran so fast down the steep hillside that I watched to see if it would start tumbling. But of course not, it bounded gracefully over a log and hid in a bush.

M.T. is classic East Bay steep hill, oak scrub and pasture in the shadow of Mt. Diablo. It's very easy to see how well the cattle tracks mark the isoclines. Consequently instead of following the human trail ups and downs, to maintain constant elevation on the way back I followed the cattle tracks.

Of note, I partly went there to see the damage from the fires on Diablo in September, since it's on the southern aspect. Possibly due to the dark overcast yesterday, it wasn't nearly as obvious as it was from much more distant Rose Peak a few weeks ago.

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