Friday, November 1, 2013

Bay Area Update: Point Reyes


1. Running in Point Reyes is still awesome (unsurprising report of the year). I started at the Bayview trailhead, went over to Drake's Estero and did a bunch of other stuff, then despite telling myself no I don't need to go up to the highest point in the park, ended up on Mount Vision and Point Reyes Hill, because it was actually on the way back. Saw a badly gnawed deer shin in the middle of Muddy Hollow Trail at one point.

2. There are no redwoods in Point Reyes, although it didn't hurt the run any. That's because PR is entirely on the Pacific Plate side of the San Andreas Fault and the soil type changes noticeably. You can really see this along the reservoirs down on the Peninsula. That said, different soil didn't stop these trees below from growing (in Victoria, Australia) - it's only fair, because those Aussies' damn eucalpytuseses have damn near taken over coastal California at this point. Apparently sequoias have done pretty well in Europe too. There's even been a Nature paper on fundamental limits to tree growth.

The weekend on the trails was cut shrot by a plane flight to SoCal but this was redeemed by dinner at Richard Nixon's favorite Mexican restaurant in San Clemente and some tasty Armenian chicken at Zankou on Sunset, so not all was lost.

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