Friday, February 6, 2015

65th and Stockton #1 - Thanh Huong Sandwiches

You know that are of awesome restaurants in South Sac at 65th and Stockton (mostly Asian, some not)? Okay, probably not. But you should. Because there's a concentration of great-looking unpretentious restaurants there. So far the fiancee and I have eaten at two of them, and we're going to eat at ALL of them dammit, and write about them here, for your convenience. Scroll and zoom the map to see the wealth of culinary opportunities!

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Our qualifications as food critics? Well I'm a white guy who's lived in NorCal for a grand total of 12 years, mostly in Berkeley and San Francisco, which qualifies me to feel like I have an opinion on these things you need to hear. (Also I really like food; here are my Yelp reviews so you can adjust my judgments by my tastes.) The fiancee grew up in China, and if you didn't, then you have to accept whatever she says about Chinese food. And about any other cuisine from a country closer to China than whatever place you were born. Why are we doing this? Partly for fun, please inspired by the original project, the "Convoy Conquest", executed by San Diego bloggers Jenne Bergstrom and Miko Osada, who happen to be our friends from when we lived down there. (If you find yourself in SD and you like to eat food, check out the blog.)

So where's the first one? Drumroll...

Thanh Huong Sandwiches

You want banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches? Go here. Two nights ago I had a sudden banh mi craving and went there all on my own. (Settle down. Sometimes on this little project it'll be just one of us doing the rating.) I didn't take pictures of the samitches. If you don't know what banh mi are, go eat one, my half-assed Android shots will not be what converts you. They have boba too (of course), and a few cans of the weirdest flavors of Pringles I've ever seen (special southeast Asian versions? Maybe. I can't even remember what they are. For Lovecraft fans, if there were non-Euclidean potato chips, these would be them, and I'm now regretting I didn't get some.) I'd say this place is at least as good as Lee's. Only complaint, I'm a cilantro junky and could have used more, but they hit the spot. There's also at least one other Thanh Huong location, in San Jose.

Rating: Thumbs up
Date: Wed 2/4/2015
Time in: 7:05 PM
Time out: 7:15 PM (take out, but that's 4 sandwiches)
What I got: BBQ pork, roast pork, fish balls, and sardines.
Final check amount: $11.50, for four sandwiches for crying out loud
Ambience/group size: You can eat in, but more of a take out place, and not great for groups
Parking: shared lot

Next, in 65th and Stockton #2 - Quan Nem Ninh Hoa.

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