Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mountain Lion in East Sac

Story in the Sacramento Bee here. I'm kind of surprised that they would be hanging out in the Central Valley but then again I've seen a turkey, and coyote poop along the American River Trail already so I shouldn't be so surprised.

I remain open to making a bet on mountain lions in my home state of Pennsylvania. I wager there will be TWO mountain lions (determined by DNA evidence) found in PA by 2025. No one so far wants to bet against this.


Anonymous said...

They've been sighted before, although some blocks closer to the American River. One was reported to have made itself comfortable on someone's patio a few years ago in the River Park neighborhood. I've seen coyotes from time to time in the years that I've lived in that neighborhood. Having small dogs, I worry!

Michael Caton said...

Thanks for the info! With a big animal like a mountain lion you can mitigate some of the risk (to pets and people) by making sure people know they're around. It ultimately protects them too, since a population unaware of their presence tends to panic if and when something does happen.