Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIP Caballo Blanco

AKA Micah True, AKA Michael Randall Hickman, adopted by the Raramuri, AKA the Tarahumara, found in Gila National Forest in New Mexico two weeks ago, cause of death unknown at the time of writing of this obituary. If you read Born to Run you know who this is, if not, never mind.


Nel said...

"Later True tweeted". I am trying to wrap my head around Caballo Blanco Tweeting.

"When I get too old to work, I'll do what Geronimo would've if they'd left him alone,' Caballow said. 'I'll walk off into the deep canyons and find a quiet place to lie down.'" At least he went the way he wanted.

Michael Caton said...

I know. After reading about him I was surprised to see him on Facebook! He lived a good life.