Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drink Hoptimus Prime Beer

This is why I'm posting this here:

a) I probably drink the majority of my beer outside, during outdoor activities.
b) This blog is dedicated to things I enjoy for their own sake, in and of themselves.
c) Even though this is a West Coast outdoors blog I am from Pennsylvania.
d) Transformers are cool.

Therefore, drink Hoptimus Prime Beer.


mjlijewski said...

Sounds yummy. Will you have some at your
beercheck in Briones on 4/18?

Michael Caton said...

No. I'll have whatever swill one Zydeco prepares for you.

dbonfitto said...

I have many beer glasses, but none of them are a clear acrylic cube extruded from the chest of a Decepticon.

Michael Caton said...

Clearly this is a shortcoming in your beer glass collection.

Being the good Reading boy that I am, I'm drinking Kirin Ichiban as I write this comment.