Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is This Thing in Wyoming


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It's east of Eden, Wyoming. It's about 20 miles north of I-80, in the Great Divide Basin, the area where the Rockies become two sets of rounded off hills between the Wind River Range to the north and the northern edge of the Southern Rockies to the south. Whoever tells me gets ONE MILLION DOLLARS.


Grego said...

This is what you're looking at. Pay up, sucka.

Michael Caton said...

The Killpecker Dunes? Killpecker? Seriously? Now how can that be real. Alright, I will send you a million dollars. How did you find this by the way? Is there a geo-search engine (not Google maps) where you put in Lat and Long and it gives back placenames around there?

Grego said...

Who knows best? The locals.

I must admit some eagerness with respect to your remittance. It is my pleasure to be an oracle under such terms!

(P.S.: Killpecker.)

Michael Caton said...

The check's in the mail.