Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Painting - Redwoods

Cross-posted at my social science blog.

This time I actually spent some time mixing paint to get the right hue for redwood. It's a complex color! The second picture of the pair is an attempt to emphasize the three dimensionality of the thick paint in the middle of the trees; I tried to recreate the actual texture of redwoods with my brushwork. This is also the first time I did pre-work of any kind (on my computer) to decide how I would what paint when, and to be sure that I could represent distance using tree size.


dbonfitto said...

It looks like "Spicy Hue" from Sherwin-Williams. I just did my exterior doors that color, but my brushwork is much less drippy than yours, you sloppy boy!

Michael Caton said...

You need drippy for the redwood texture. And don't talk to me like that, it makes me hot.