Monday, July 5, 2010

Trail Adoption Programs in San Diego?

Riverside County now has an Adopt-a-Trail program; apparently works the same as the Adopt-a-Highway programs we're already familiar with.

This is awesome. One of the most frustrating things about trails in San Diego County, especially the canyons, is that a lot of people seem to disrespect them and litter a lot. I think we could use this program here. (Again, if there's some form of it in action, let me know so I can volunteer!) I volunteer in advance for Rose Canyon. Except I bet Debbie at Friends of Rose Canyon is in line in front of me. Plus, you don't want those hippie socialist jerks up in Northern California to be better than you at policing their parks? Cause guess what. Right now they are. Come on!

A Rose Canyon crossing. Image credit to Shirla P.

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