Friday, July 2, 2010

The City Tries Again to Build Another Bridge Across Rose Canyon

The city just tried to commission a several-million dollar environmental impact report for this project, which homeowners don't want. If that's not bad enough, the bridge would cost about $37,000,000. You can see the article here.

Currently the fund for the bridge has less than a tenth of that. So we (taxpayers) are paying millions of dollars for an impact report on a bridge that we don't want, and that they probably can't fund anyway. (Where are we, L.A.?) Plus, if we have that kind of money laying around, why isn't it going to schools and firefighting?

Thanks goodness for council member Sherri Lightner, whose district this falls in, as well as council members Todd Gloria and Anthony Young who voted against this impact report. Visit Friends of Rose Canyon to email them a big thank you for their votes - I already did.

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