Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No More Alcohol at Bay to Breakers in San Francisco

As of now the funnest footrace held every May in San Francisco is banning alcohol. People couldn't figure out how to have fun without making a shambles. As someone who quite often consumed large amounts of this substance during past races but still was able to refrain from littering, peeing on people's doorsteps, and generally being a nuisance (along with the rest of the people in my group) I'm sad, but I'm also sympathetic with the city. For those familiar with San Francisco's traditions, this has gradually turned into Halloween in the Castro.

Also worth noting: in Japan you can buy beer out of vending machines, and drink it legally while walking around in public. Why? Because people behave themselves, that's why.


TGP said...


In Japan they don't burn witches because witches over there can behave themselves.

Michael Caton said...

Exactly. They jump onto the funeral pyre all on their own. Except for my wife, though you could argue being married to me is a form of self-immolation as well.