Friday, July 2, 2010

I Have De-Throned Basquiat.

A neighbor recently moved away and offered me all her spray paint. As an emerging power in the art world I snapped up the supplies, knowing I could displace that fraud Basquiat as Official Awesomest Spray Paint Artist. The following is looking down from the top of the trail to Black's Beach. Obviously:

Though admittedly primitive in technique, it's fair to say there are glimmers of Rothko, or rather, a howler monkey on coke set loose in a hardware store. You can see the essence of Black's Beach and the cliff, right? Sure, if you're legally blind, have no taste and less talent, and are on acid. I'm not legally blind. But over half of the cans had no pressure left in them so I had only four colors to work with. As a great artist, I was up to the challenge.

In all seriousness I went into this expecting it to be a colossal failure, and in that I succeeded famously (with verve and panache no less.) But - it was an experiment, and it was fun!

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