Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trails and Trail News from Old Berks County

Since there's more kayaking than trail running in California these days, AND as the premier blog for outdoor activities in California and Berks County Pennsylvania, I'd just like to draw attention to the following articles, whether or not the amount of Pennsylvania content is disturbing Jeremy.

Mount Neversink from Klapperthal Junction, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Above:  view of the Schuykill from Neversink, from Berks Nature.  Below, French Creek near Hopewell Village, by Mike Roush at Berks Awhile.  Below that, the pedestrian bridge near RACC from my Schuylkill River Trail run in December.

French Creek, Berks County, Pennsylvania

pedestrian bridge over Schuylkill River, near RACC, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania

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