Wednesday, February 1, 2017

65th and Stockton Reviews #4: Long Sandwich

Previously: Huong Lan and Duc Huong Sandwiches, which were much better in that they were open when they said they'd be, and you could buy food from them

In my continuing and very staggered effort to eat at all the restaurants near 65th and Stockton, starting with all the banh mi shops, I went to Long Sandwiches. They DID disappoint.

If you go there, this might be the closest you get to a sandwich. It was 7:33pm when I took this picture ("'OPEN' 7 days a week 7am-8pm") and you can see the closed restaurant behind the sign. Go to Huong Lan instead, which is open when it says it will be (and is where I ended up getting my sandwiches. Excellent as always.) One of my pet peeves: we're all busy, so when we make a point of trying somewhere new, and they're not open when they say they'll be open, that's a cardinal sin. Zero stars.

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