Monday, February 16, 2015

The First Human to Walk Around the World

...was Dave Kunst of Minnesota. (Or at least the first verified, per the article). His brother was killed by bandits in the mountains of Afghanistan, then later his mule died in the Australian outback. (When your mule dies, you know you're somewhere harsh.)

People have run around the world too of course. My biggest regret of 2004 was that I had a chance to join the pack and run with world-runner Jesper Olsen on his aptly named World Run as he came up the Cali coast and somehow I thought I had more important things to do that day...but at least there's a World Run 2!

Good on Dave Kunst, but after 30 minutes in the smaller and mildler San Diego outback I'm pretty much bored. Wow...image credit Stefan_G. on panoramio.

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