Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chariot Fire Damage at Mount Laguna

As of this writing (18:23 10 July 2013) there is no active fire anymore, just a lot of smouldering. The cooler overcast weather today helped the firefighters. But the damage is done, to both to the beautiful forest at Mt. Laguna and the campsites:

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As always, thanks to the firefighters who keep us safe. And no disrespect to the organizations that lost property and memories up there, but it's the loss of some of San Diego County's very rare forest that hurts the most.

Today I noticed the damage from the fire that happened a few weeks ago at 52 and Santo Road. Is your fire kit and evac plan ready?


Mind Bowl said...

Fire disaster really don't have to be taken lightly. It should be attended seriously. The only thing if there are situations like this there are fire damage restoration services that can respond quick.

Michael Caton said...

Yep, if our current rate of fire continues all the forested areas in SoCal will have been burned by 2040 (I posted this data here recently).