Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wildcat Peak in Tilden

View to the northeast from Wildcat Peak. By Harold Davis. To the west you're exactly across from the Golden Gate, but I'm sure you've already seen that damn thing before, and any direction you look in is fantastic.

Not a long one but a nice fast one straight up Wildcat Peak in North Tilden. At the visitor center you will find redwoods grown from seeds that went to the moon and back, and a little animal farm with cute baby sheep (tiny) and a rooster that I had to pick up and put back in his pen with his buddies because the dummy had escaped and clearly didn't know what to do with his freedom, and there was no one there but me. My good deed for the day! Behind the pens were two deer and a big old flock of turkeys who were hanging out eating and were, frankly, insultingly unafraid of me.

You know how if you run a lot of trails you end up making up your own name for features? At the top of Wildcat you will find what I term the Circular Ruins (and if you're a Borges fan and you've read that, I'm the real one. I think. No fire or dreaming was involved at least. If you haven't read it you're wondering how much ayahuasca I'm on. Answer: not nearly enough.)

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