Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exercise Increases Potential for Addiction in Mice

It's apparently science week here at MDK10 Outside. There have just been lots of interesting articles. This one looked at the effects on the reward system of mice from running, using cocaine as a model for addiction, and what they found: after withdrawal from cocaine, "Those that had been runners when they first tried cocaine, however, lost their [addiction] slowly, if at all. Many, in fact, never stopped hanging out in the drug-associated locale, a rather poignant reminder of the power of addiction." That second sentence I emphasized for the hashers in the room. See you at Triple Rock tonight?

In all seriousness, from a decision-making standpoint, does this information mean that people should stop exercising? No. Duh. It just means you shouldn't use addictive drugs, which I think you probably knew already. But now at least we have an excuse for chocolate and beer addictions. Full lay press article here.

The mice in the experiment also learned to fly and wore little suities.

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