Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey, Check Out the Idiot in the Comments on The "Abused Child" Post

S/he's a real winner. All mad at me because I said the solo-around-the-world girl's parents (plus the Everest-climbing kid's parents) are irresponsible. Seriously, s/he called me an "age-bigot"! That's the worst name anyone's called me in a while! Join in the fun, wontcha? If you're coming in on an RSS feed or you're just too damn lazy to scroll down and click, just click here.

I should add that this idiot is acting like a meanie and making very hurtful ad hominem attacks against your loyal blogger. Therefore I expect an apology for his/her insults from this moron, who no doubt is ugly, smelly, and drinks his/her bathwater.


TGP said...

I dealt myself in.

You know why I want to see kids wait until their majority before attempting feats of stupidity? I'd rather point and laugh than clutch my pearls and cry.

Michael Caton said...

I didn't know you read this blog but figured if you did this would flush you out.

TGP said...

Somebody's got to read your blogs, Mikey!