Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orange County's New Great Park; Plus Outdoors Education for Kids

1) Here's a new blog by folks hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year with the intention of raising awareness for kids' outdoor education. It's not just your imagination: kids really do spend too much time inside watching TV and playing video games. Not only will they pay the price for it in terms of their health later in life, they lose interest in preserving the great outdoors when they grow up to vote. This is a great project and I'll definitely be following their blog. Have fun out there Melissa and Justin, and be safe!

2) And another PCT blog here. Good luck to you too Mark! Lucky bastards...

2) Also check out Volunteer San Diego, where you can search volunteer opportunities. Looking through the RSS feed for San Diego events this weekend I was thrilled how many clean-up and stewardship efforts were going on, and wish I didn't have an endocrinology exam tomorrow.

3) When I posted about the possibility of Miramar MCAS and Camp Pendleton becoming parks or preserves in the future, a reader was kind enough to comment based on her own experience. I just ran across an article about this open space, Orange County's in-development Great Park which is on the old El Toro base. Official website is here. New metropolitan parks in SoCal in 2010 aren't easy, but they're worth it. I can't wait for it to open.

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