Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twelve is One of the Connotative Meanings of Seven

...at least according to celebrated onanist Chi è il Vostro Padre. Not surprisingly, Mr. Daddy's Seven Summits of San Francisco was falsely advertised and it was actually a Twelve Summits Run: Mt. Davidson, Twin Peak #1, Twin Peak #2, Sutro, Tank Hill, and then some other ones. One is forced to conclude that he dirty, he low-down, he some snitches. Fortunately the company was fun and it was a clear crisp Northern California winter day, though Sunday night and Monday morning I felt surprisingly stiff and sore for a 17.5 miler (with my return run). I'm not used to running that far on pavement anymore. At the end (that is to say, the half-way point) we gathered at Rogue Ale House in North Beach. Mr. 'Skin will be putting up some scenic, terrible pics and vids he took along the way but they hain't up yet. Ellen posted hers here.

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