Monday, November 3, 2008

Alameda County: Vote Yes on WW

Measure WW is a bond measure that will give the East Bay parks valuable funds to acquire thousands more acres. If you enjoy the outdoors, this seems like a no-brainer, right? (Like many ballot initiatives this year - I posted my own choices here.)

Unfortunately a small but loud group of mountain bikers is opposing it. The main advocacy group for bikers in the East Bay (the BicycleTrails Council) is for measure WW, as is anybody else who enjoys the parks. But one group has essentially thrown a political temper tantrum because they don't think there are enough trails for bikes, and unfortunately they're organized, and they've had some press, and they're trying to stopthe park system from expanding and improving at all. And now they're within reach of stopping WW and limiting enjoyment of the parks for other mountain bikers and everyone else.

From the article: "'It's the most important park measure that's comebefore East Bay residents ever,' said Jim Townsend, Trails Development Program Manager for the district."

Vote YES on WW.

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