Sunday, March 11, 2018

"The Million Mile Ultra Run - With 1000, 10,000, and 100,000 Mile Fun Runs"

Why: Nobody has ever run 1,000,000 miles. The record as of 1997 was held by Douglas Alistair Gordon Pirie of Great Britain (b. 1931), who ran 216,000 miles from 1941 to 1981 [Guiness Book of Records, 1992]. Herb Fred (b. 1929) ran 252,922 miles as of Aug. 31, 2016.

Rules: Cutoff for all races is 100 years [from start of competition], on Dec. 31, 2096.
And here I thought my running projects were goofy. I think it was the always-curious Francis Crick who said "What's the deal with this guy?"* Ultra runner and interesting AI researcher Matt Mahoney maintains a page for this "project." It is stupid, hilarious, and pointless, and part of why it's interesting is I bet some people on the list (who have actually submitted their mileage!) will take it seriously and be mad if they see this post.

*While he may actually have said that, I don't know if he really did and I just made it up right now.

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