Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do These Places Feel Half Pac NW, Half SoCal?

Some pointless map geekery for you, if you find yourself driving on the 5. If you're cruising on the 5, stop in one of these places and see if they seem halfway. Because they are.

MetricCAN to MEXSeattle to San DiegoAlong 101*
By Drive TimeRedding, CARed Bluff, CAKlamath, CA
By MileageCottonwood, CAArtois, CACrescent City, CA

*Includes going around the Olympic Peninsula via Port Townsend ferry

As a bonus, the halfway point for I-5 in CA is Los Banos or Firebaugh by mileage and time resp.; for the 101 it's Morgan Hill and Palo Alto by mileage and time resp. Below: the West Coast "Heartland".

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