Tuesday, June 24, 2014

American River Trail = Cooler Than I Thought It Would Be

Several highlights of the trail:

1) William B. Pond area has beavers (gigantic ones!), gigantic turtles, and deer. I saw all these in about a half hour during one visit without trying.

2) There's a mystery rock artist at the Watt Avenue access who...does things with rocks. I saw one of these during a run and didn't think anything of it. Now that I know it's an ongoing tradition I'm more intrigued. Should that make a difference in my appreciation? Ih, who knows. Still interesting.

3) There's a pedestrian bridge which is a mock-up of the Golden Gate. (Going across at Sac State campus.)

4) Once you're up as far as Lake Natomas in Folsom it looks more like the foothills, with actual cliffs in a few places.

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