Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Acre Development Approved at Del Mar Mesa

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Roughly speaking, the undeveloped Del Mar Mesa open space comprises south of the "bend" in the 56, and north of Penasquitos Canyon, between the 5 and the 15. It contains the one of southernmost stands of riparian oak woodland on the West Coast (the Tunnels). And it's very frustrating that while the status of the open space around Del Mar Mesa has remained uncertain for years because of inexplicable bureaucratic blundering, developers are still able to get their plans for the area approved. If you're a biker, hiker, or runner or you're just concerned about open space in SD County, this is a story worth paying attention to. One can be forgiven for thinking that something untoward and un-transparent is going on with this piece of land. Previous Del Mar Mesa stories here.

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