Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh Our Warm Weather Is So Great, We Say As We Die of Thirst

If I see one more person on Facebook bragging to their relatives back East about our great weather...

Red means extreme, orange means severe. San Diego is in severe drought. (Relative to our usual sparse desert-like rainfall.)

Quick quiz. What was California's driest year ever in history? Give up? 2013. RIGHT NOW. Wells have already dried up. We have pretty bad fire danger. In January.

It's January. It should be raining. And this drought is most painfully obvious when you go over to the now-almost-non-existent Lake Hodges. And it is about to become more painful because municipalities will have no choice but to impose rationing, which will make people cry like a first-grader, but the alternative is you get in the shower and air comes out. The governor is about to announce a drought. If you're still doubting, here's how we stack up to the rest of the country.

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