Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Government Aircraft in Low-Altitude High-Speed Risky Maneuvers Over San Diego

San Diegans: later this month the government is going to repeatedly fly big, expensive aircraft at high speeds and low altitudes in dangerous formations over your neighborhood. The government seems to have no concern for the safety of your property and family. Are you going to take this lying down?

What's more, these risky and unnecessary maneuvers are being done for defense, or for firefighting, or even as an aeronautics experiment to provide valuable data. No, these high-speed low-pass maneuvers are being done for - get this - entertainment.

Of course I'm talking about the Air Show, which fortunately was cancelled this year. Somehow that doesn't count as government wasting our money and risking our families and homes.

Want to have an air show? Great! Do it out over Imperial County somewhere. Don't risk so many private property owners' lives and homes.

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