Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bay Area, Here I Come (Again) (For a While)

French Trail, Redwood Preserve. The Platonic form of trails. Image credit alltrails.com.

Ah, the Bay...I'll be around for two months doing away rotations at Stanford and UCSF. During this time (besides working hard in my rotations of course, dear web-searching residency coordinator) I will be running on my favorite trails in the following places, in no particular order (which I'm posting to make you jealous, dear non-Bay-Area trail runner).

Mt. Tam and the Dipsea (duh!)

Some new trails in Point Reyes

Tilden, which has a way of surprising you with new trails every time you go up there
(unless your name is LJ and you know every square inch of the East Bay - hashers, you know what I mean)

French trail in Redwood

Mount Diablo, assuming they've put it out by now

Briones and the EBMUD territory there (damn, have to get a pass)

Morgan Territory

Some good Marin watershed

The inexplicably little-known La Purisima

Big Basin

Ohlone Wilderness and the almost Rocky-Mountain like south side of Mission Peak

Morgan Territory. Image credit pedalpushersonline.com.

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