Thursday, April 18, 2013

The San Diego Relay: Preliminary Plan

I'm posting this for people who are interested in the stup I mean uh, fun idea we've been talking about to run the length of San Diego County, from the northern boundary until we don't have any more USA to run in. If you're not already involved and this sounds like fun (and it will be) email me at and we'll see if we can make you part of the team.

The first choice we have to make is a date. That's being hashed out offline with the folks that have confirmed their interest.

The second choice we have to make is which way we want to go: along the entire coast of San Diego County (easy logistics, boring terrain) or a little bit inland (more fun, mostly trails). (Can you tell which one I want to do?) And the very rough, approximate routes are below, subject to revision and clarification to accommodate the team's wishes. Because it's our relay and we'll run where the hell we want to. To that end, so far our choices are:

The coast+inland route: (Note, neither map can be embedded because they contain manually-drawn, non-road pieces to account for trails; links below.) This has the advantage of getting to the coast anyway by the time we're down as far as La Jolla, as well as passing directly by the Lair of Darkness(tm) in Poway. This will be a great mix of trail, mountain, open fields, and road. I vote for this one. Please note, I will personally run and drive this route before we do it. You will also note I haven't attempted to follow the actual trails on the map as yet just because it will take a lot of time. If we settle on this one I will produce a very detailed map.

The all-coast route: My only comment here is that you will note the route through the actual neighborhood of La Jolla (vs Torrey Pines) is very approximate. I leave this up to the other runners. I'm in favor of whatever route gets us through this place the fastest. We would also have to figure out what we're doing about getting from Point Loma to Coronado. Basically it's ferry (boring+cheating) vs. kayak (awesome and not cheating; we will have to solve the Coronado problem for the coast+inland route above as well.)

Please don't hesitate to ask questions - in the comments here is probably the best so everyone can see the discussion.

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