Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coyotes Hither and Thither

Two nights ago I took my girlfriend out into Rose Canyon to look at the thick black millipedes which are all over the place right now, just because their locomotion is cool, but their squirmy-ness proved too much for her and she squealed loudly out into the canyon. And a coyote answered her. After she remained quiet, it sounded off again. And then we heard it in the brush, and then I shone my headlamp, and there it was, two green eyes looking back. The train came through and chased it off, not giving me a chance to prove to her that no, it wouldn't have eaten us.

Then last night in Tecolote I saw a group of four in broad daylight (if you run much in the canyon, you know exactly where I mean too.) I howled at them but I don't know what I said in coyote and it wasn't interesting enough for them to hang around. Who knows, maybe it was this handsome young family that someone filmed from inside their house. Must be interesting to live right on Tecolote.

And I saw a bobcat in Penasquitos Canyon, last Saturday.

It's green out there - take advantage of the spring. The critters certainly are!

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