Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hollenbeck vs. Sycamore Canyon

I finally got to Hollenbeck Canyon. It was a rainy and misty yesterday but that was actually quite cool. I shouldn't be surprised at the riparian-ness and greenery of these South County parks anymore, especially in the winter, but somehow I still am. It's a deep, dramatic canyon, and I saw a big coyote trotting off into the mist while I was heading up the trail. I've been sick for quite awhile so it was good but frustrating to finally get out onto a trail, even if it wasn't high mileage. (Have you had your flu shot yet?) The drive out there is pretty cool too. A lot of folks tend not to go south of the 8 very much but you feel like you're in the Old California when you get out past were 94 is no longer a freeway.

From High on Mountain Biking and East County Magazine respectively.

Now here's where Sycamore Canyon fits into this: my original plan was to run from Sycamore to the lakes in Santee (map below). But I got to the gate on 67, and it was closed, but said to drive around to the north side accessed from Poway, about a 30 minute drive. Fair enough, but guess what? THAT gate was closed too, no reason given! I wouldn't be so frustrated if something like this hadn't happened TWICE before: once when the website gave the wrong closing hours, and once when I went to the Route 67 gate and it was just closed, no explanation. As you might guess I'm a little upset about this and I've given up on going to Sycamore Canyon. This is no way to administer a park. I'm starting to think it would be better if the county sold it off to a private owner. At least then we wouldn't ever expect it to be open and waste our time!

Sorry to whine on my blog but I bet I'm not the only one who's had this happen. If you want to email them about it, go here. I'm annoyed enough that I'm sending printed letters to several people outside the county agency. I hate to say it but things like this make me a lot less enthusiastic in supporting San Diego County Parks.

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