Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rattlesnake Encounter Map for San Diego

Most of us who spend time on trails around here have seen a rattler or three. I just saw one tonight, a cute lil baby one on the side of the trail in Los Penasquitos Preserve. Most of the time our sense of where to be most cautious is informed partly by anecdotes, but if we share this information systematically, eventually we'll start to see where the hotspots are (and at what times of year) and both species can stay out of trouble.

The map is up and right now the oonly thing it's missing is YOU, i.e. it needs more user-generated data. If you've seen one or two or ten on trail or in your yard, take 20 seconds to go to the map and add your own.   The community appreciates it!

View Rattlesnake Encounters in San Diego County in a larger map


Francis Turner said...

Excellent idea - I just added a couple in San Elijo

Michael Caton said...

Thanks Francis, the more people add to it, the more useful it'll be for everyone.