Monday, August 13, 2012

Fires Here and in Mexico

Thanks to the firefighters who keep us safe. In case you missed it somehow, this week we've been having fires in East San Diego County. Take this opportunity to thank a fire fighter or buy him/her* a beer, and to make sure your family knows your evacation plan. What, you don't have one? (Seriously, this takes 5-10 minutes and could make all the difference.)

Like this but from further away. From

I mentioned the fires in Mexico because yesterday (Sunday 12 August) as I was coming back from my trip, as I climbed the backside of our piece of the Peninsular Range (i.e. the Descanso unit of Cleveland NF) I could see a little smoke to the right (north) and a lot billowing from the left (south). The northern fire must have been the remnants of the Chihuahua fire, and the southern one must have been in Mexico - because it was huge. At sunset it was spectacular, eating up the side of a mountain down in baja. Of course, there's essentially an information black hole south of the border. Consequently we hear nothing about that, even though fire doesn't respect borders and threatens property on this side of the line too.

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