Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Run Is Ended, and The Antler, Won

Congrats to Mark, who won the antler after a nice run this morning with various other unsavory characters. The route started in the unnamed canyon near Camino Del Sur off the 56, then going over to McGonigle Canyon Open Space (you know there's a pond back there?), then crossing Del Mar Mesa, coming down to Los Penasquitos at the waterfall, and then through the 5-805 junction and up La Jolla Canyon and back to UTC. As for the antler, I found it on a gnawed-on deer skeleton, on a real backcountry trail run with even more distasteful types up in the Bay Area in EBMUD and Las Trampas. Future ideas for these same miscreants to discuss:

- The TriCanyon Crown: from Fiesta Island, up through Tecolote, down into Marian Bear and back to UTC in Rose Canyon. (See, I wasn't kidding.) This might be fun to invite more and more people along and make an annual deal, to get more people interested in preserving those canyons. Rose in particular has now survived four attempts to erode its status by building roads across or new trains through it.

- Sycamore Canyon to Santee and then back to San Diego on the 52. End in UTC.

- The La Jolla Half TRAIL Marathon. Stay in canyons, including Crest and that little disconnected piece of Torrey Pines in Del Mar. End in UTC.

Once winter rolls around:

- Noble Canyon bottom-to-top plus Garnet Peak.

- El Capitan de San Diego.

- Anza Borrego to the Salton Sea, in the washes.

- A dune crossing. You know those sand dunes you see north of the 8 not far west of Yuma? Run from 8 to 78 across those bad boys. But that's 22 miles of utter wastes so that might be too stupid even for me.

Click here to see this idiocy on a larger scale

The San Diego Awesome Relay - Perhaps the most harebrained scheme rattling in my head is to do an informal relay run of the whole coast of SD county. Get 8 people. Split into two teams of four each (so you can fit in a regular car). Each person does 3 legs of 6-7 miles each (76 mile total route, 19 miles per person). Of course we would use it to raise awareness for something, in order to justify adults behaving in this manner. Beer waiting at the border. You start at 9 in the morning, you're done by 8pm easily.

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