Friday, June 1, 2012

SoCal Triple Crown 3/3

I done hiked up San Jacinto.  Because I've also hiked up San Gorgonio and Baldy, I got that thar triple crown.  The mountains did not give up without a fight:  I came down with nice flu-like symptoms and a bad cough and sore throat while I was on the actual hike, which made the altitude even more fun.  (I barely noticed Baldy, at the same altitude.)  Taking the illness as a positive omen, I pressed on.  The view from the top is definitely the best of all three, not surprising given Jacinto's prominence.

View to the northeast from San Jacinto, NOT taken by me (there is no snow on trails up there as of Memorial Day 2012) but by awesome Aussie photographer Dianne Kennett.

I took the Humber Park/Devil's Slide route.  After my hike up Baldy I decided I would only do hikes or runs that had the word devil in them somewhere.  One note if you're going to do the Devil's Slide route:  there are various mileages posted around the web for this.  Take my word, it's 16 miles round trip.  Sixteen.  The rest can't read their GPS or took a different route or something.

Now I can focus on some of the 9s or 10s on Nobody Hikes in LA.

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