Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do Not Ever Eat Jolokia Peppers

No matter how much people named Garron pressure you, do not ever put these in your mouth. They are bad. For your family, be stronger than I was. Jeff Gordon from Tap Hunter was in evidence and he wisely spared his palate the ravages of uber-capsaicin. You, too, have a long life ahead of you. Don't throw it away so carelessly.

[Added later: Razib Khan is very brave to admit his capsaicin problem. My friend isn't nearly this much of a freak.]

Which leads to greater pain? It is a mystery.


Grego said...

I vote for the pain box from the test of the gom jabbar. Also, putting that pepper in your mouth is the act of a deranged individual! As if I didn't know...

Michael Caton said...

In fairness to my normally robust judgment, there may have been alcohol involved in this evening. Dune would have been a whole different movie if Muad'Dib had done some shots before stumbling into the Bene Gesserit compound and slurring "Awright now gimme that damn box, let's see how tough it really is."