Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Round-up: Runs and Votes

- There's a neat little back trail where you can drop down into Tecolote Canyon directly from USD. Many trail types probably already know this, but it took me over a year to figure it out. Started off a fun little run back up to UTC in the canyon there.

- My progress on the Pacific-to-Salton Sea trail has been stalled out. Hopefully I can knock two decent chunks off this weekend once we're out of this Santa Ana B.S.

- Prop 21 didn't pass - no support for state parks. Response from the parks and summary at Northern California Hiking Trails. Nature is a big reason people like living in California so it's disappointing that when there's an opportunity to protect that, people don't spring for it.

- SANDAG has recommended allocating real money, $2.6 billion, to improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Now the city governments have to agree. Call your mayors and representatives! More information (including their contact info) here.

- Dry winter more certain. By late summer some of the weather models were already predicting a La Niña pattern, meaning a dry winter, especially in the second half. Want to go see waterfalls? Do it by Christmas.

- Has anyone noticed that the local coyotes have been hanging out in Rose Canyon a lot more the past couple weeks?

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