Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why Do We Have Airshows in Populated Areas?

I'm going to say what everyone else around my neighborhood is saying. Why do we allow airshows in populated areas?

1) Main complaint - noise. Not everyone in northern San Diego wants to see or hear the airshow. Solution: have it out in unpopulated areas near the Salton Sea or El Centro. (Similar solution for other airshows at least in the American West.) Families that want to go can make a desert field trip of it. Parking is no problem.

2) Important but neglected complaint - safety. Is the government's PR effort really that much more important than the safety of individual Americans? Accidents do happen at airshows, and a plane crashed into a house less than 2 years ago, less than a mile from where I'm sitting - and they weren't even doing stunts at the time.

To make this point:

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