Sunday, March 22, 2009

Set Trail for the Save Mt. Diablo 50k Yesterday

Mike "Little Johnson" (don't ask) Lijewski and I marked out the portion of the Save Mt. Diablo 50k course from the start to the aid station at Mile 9.8. The rain yesterday probably washed out any flour we layed down, and I hope the wind didn't blow away any ribbons. Unfortunately, even though Mike Palmer gave us signs to put at trailheads telling people there was an official event and not to remove the ribbons, some self-appointed trail authorities took some down anyway - fortunately this would have been on Hardy Canyon trail just for the first 3 miles or so of the course, where it's hard to get lost. This was my first time in Los Vaqueros and also the biggest chunk of the Mt. Diablo Trail that I've done to date. My favorite part was Hardy Canyon Trail - fantastic.

Mike L. and I met up with the very nice Joe and Beth at Morgan Territory Road - thanks for the water and the offer of the jacket - I should've taken you guys up on it, given how it rained on the way back! Between the cold and the rain on one hand and that horrible East Bay clay turning the trail into a miles-long downhill oil slick, I don't know which was worse. One bonus: very well fed coyote trotted out in front of us at the intersection with Hardy and Miwok. S/he was a little more nervous about us than the bobcat I saw down at Pescadero Creek last weekend.

So that's my first volunteer commitment for the running community this year. Here's hoping everyone's race went well. If I'm still in the area I hope to be participating in the race next year.

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