Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maggie's Half Acre and Rose Peak

Had a nice up-and-down run to Maggie's Half Acre and Rose Peak (the little-known highest point in the Bay Area) starting in Sunol Regional Wilderness. Not as muddy as I thought it would be and felt better than I expected, but I have to ask very seriously if I'll be ready in six weeks for the Diablo Trail 50k. I think not. It looks fun and I've always wanted to go all the way from Round Valley to the Walnut Creek side of Diablo but it'll have to be another time.

Comic relief of the day: about 10-15 minutes from the end of my run I passed a dad with two sons, ages about 7 and 5, fully decked out in their own hiking gear. The dad saw that I had a map and asked me for directions. After we finished talking one of the boys quietly pointed with his hiking pole, "Dad, look - poo-poo." They had just emerged from riparian woodland into open pasture and the young lad was not yet cognizant of the ubiquity of these bovine barnyard biscuits; I'm sure they didn't remain interesting to him for long.


mjlijewski said...

What kind of a wussbucket are you? You probably did
as much elevation gain just going to Rose Peak and back as you'd do in the full Diablo 50k. That's not to say I'll be doing the run; unfortunately I've already promised Palmer that I'd help mark trail for the
run :-) Note sure I really want to run that far anymore anyway. Just not sure it's that good for my body. I'm content with the 15+- mile runs I do with the BARF group on Saturdays. Did I mention that I'm getting old?

Michael Caton said...

I didn't say how fast I did it, and after 20 miles I asked myself if I was really interested at that point in heading back up to bring it up to 31. The answer was no.